Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lizzy Libs, or: Thin Lizzy are my favorite band.

///AND now for
The Mad Libs version of CGM///

I asked Lizzy for:

A city/location
A color
A famous person
A type of food
An adjective
Another color
A mode of transportation
A person you admire
Another type of food
Another adjective
Another location
Another color
Another mode of transport
A favorite activity
A time of the year/season/holiday...

And here is the story that follows based on our collective brain signals and vibratory transmissions.///

The city of Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. The falafels over there resemble A Mauvy Shade of Pinky Russet, the type of color that Sylvia Plath wrote about when she wasn’t entranced by Lollipops or the summer’s Crinkly air. Amber hallucinations are prevalent, and the Piggyback Ride that one can take along the many waterways and through various attractions and wonderments are best done on the back of Charmaine. Porridge is a difficult breakfast item to obtain, and once acquired, you are looking at a Lukewarm bowl for chow time. Under Mike’s Bed in the old port, there exists a Violet container, a Pirate Ship of yesteryear that contains all the jewels and secrets of the Hellenistic period, and yet still, Putting Pennies on Railroad Tracks in Autumn is the favored activity for fun lovers.

Lizzy is someone who makes me smile almost daily, and we’ve never even met.!!! Aaaaand, that's Charmaine on the right!!!^^