Sunday, August 16, 2015


•ØÍ—Cute Girls Monthly is back with a ladypal from just around the way (across the street in fact!¡!¡!•). Gillian wants you to know that this is not a dating profile, although we are aping the standard Playboy centerfold questionnaire (take that, Hef!) —⁄⁄⁄—#reappropriation 

Turn Ons: Mac Demarco, mutton chops, prominent noses.
Turn Offs: EDM aficionados.
Favorite Food: Salmon Tartare or Gravlax. Miam.
Ambitions: Female Don Draper.
Favorite Books: There’s a good chance I haven’t read it yet.
Favorite Movies: Gone with the Wind, Marie Antoinette, Almost Famous, Blue is the Warmest Colour, Saturday Night Fever.
Pets: Dogs > Cats
People I Admire: Gloria Steinem. Mamas and Papas (not The).
Favorite Song to Sing: The Bee Gees — "More Than a Woman" (again Saturday Night Fever FTW)
Good First Date Idea : The oyster bar at Jean-Talon market. I’m free on Tuesday. (Contact blog owner for vetting purposes—ed.)
Favourite quote : Right now? "Everyone has their own path."


Gillian’s presence can be felt strongly on InstaGram, so follow her! — @henrygillian

Monday, July 20, 2015


ÅLØHÅ—we're back with another CG! We found Kim Terrell on InstaGram and fell in love with her image selection process from the get-go.

CGM: Thanks for speaking with CGM, you're the first interview in five years! So your Instagram feed is easily one of the most exciting collection of images I've ever seen in one place, I look forward to each post eagerly. How do you have such great taste? Being a sapiosexual, I find your curative abilities to be quite enchanting. What makes having great taste so attractive to other people?

K: Was it Bertolt Brecht that said it's sometimes more important to be human, than to have good taste? If so, I will disagree with him! It's all relative, though, isn't it?

CGM: Absolutely, BB was living in a different time.

CGM: The name Terrell always makes me think of Tammi Terrell, which is great. How do you feel about her?

K: Tammi is my spirit animal. She had exceptional eye liner, too. (Terrell is my real surname!)

CGM: Decision time: let's say you wake up in a great mood and you want to accent that feeling with a book, film, and a song. In a bad mood, the three would be?

K: Good Mood: Let's mood is typically rather stoic and I can never pick one song, book or film in particular So, I will just throw a few I like out there... Song(s): Vic Godard and Subway Sect- Johnny Thunders, The Shangri La's- Remember (walking in the sand), Peter Jay- Paradise Garden, The Jesus and Mary Chain- On the wall (demo version), Isley Brothers- My love is your love, Rita- Erotica, The Glitter Band- Angel Face, Bonnie St Claire- I surrender, Soft Cell- Torch... I could on and on! That's the last mix I played in my flat. Film: Anything by Lindsay Anderson (which goes without saying), Rainer Werner Fassbinder (and that definitely goes without saying!), Polanski's greatest moments-Knife in the water, Cul de Sac, The Tenant, Repulsion... I also enjoy watching clips from Soul Train, American Bandstand, Shindig, Beat Club, etc. I realise those are not films but I enjoy watching them Books- I'll go with some light reading (insert dry humour)... Hunger- Knut Hamsun, The Mechanical Bride- Marshall Mc Luhan, The Haunted Screen- Lotte Eisner, anything by Jean Genet, JG Ballard, Octave Mirbeau, georges Bataille, and random biographies, Drug conspiracy theories, Sixties counterculture movement...My bookshelf tells many stories!

Do yourself a huge favour and follow kim.terrell on InstaGram!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Resurrection!•— OK, so we're back (clbt) and ready to say hi to our friends again! It's very exciting to be able to meet and converse with such wonderful spirits, I'm waaaaay too lucky, but hey, I'm here to document the experiences of my ladyfriends for you—the people! Welcome to my reality. WELCOME BACK!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010



CGM: So you're a cute girl and you're reading Michel Houellebecq right now, that's super rad about cute girls and books, or anyone and books. I dig his style, he's very male I would say, it's hard to imagine anyone other than all black leather wearing rock and roll stars reading his thing. Where else do you like to go in the literary world?

A: You're right about Houellebecq, he's sexist in a way that only a French writer can get away with. Some older French man told me that it was a good that a young woman like me was reading The Elementary Particles - he said it would help me understand men - ick! I also just read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthey, which I loved. At first I found it too gruesome but I think his style is really beautiful and, of course, totally original. Apparently he lives on a ranch in Texas and is really private. I've imagined him as this old rugged type, isolated in his home on the plains like a present-day Texan oracle. Of course this is all fantasy though, actually I think he was on Oprah so he clearly can't be that reclusive. Oh, and I also read the Brothers Karamazov this fall - one of those 'classics' that I felt obliged to read - but I liked it, plenty of angst. My mother just sent me two Margaret Laurence novels because she thinks that I should care more about Canadian literature, so I guess I should read those next.

CGM: What's good about being cute and having great style? Why is it so rare?

A: I would say that being cute is most useful when you get yourself into a tough situation and want someone else to fix it for you. This applies to a range of possible scenarios: wandering around a foreign city without a map and having to ask every other person for directions, missing your train and begging to be allowed onto the next one, losing your credit card and needing friends to buy you airplane tickets, dropping things, spilling tea, forgetting things, submitting forms late, losing other people's stuff - mostly when I've been caught in these and similar situations I've gotten out of them by smiling and pointing out that I have dimples. I'm not sure that it's rare to be cute but I think many people are wary of 'workin' their cuteness. I guess they're nervous that they won't be taken seriously or something.

CGM: Yeah, you gotta work it!! There are lots of cute girls out there, that's why I started a blog!!! Some just gotta realize that they are...pretty much every girl can be cute, unless they wanna be "hot," in which case, less interested. Being real is what it's all about, if you're real and you're cute, that's fine with me!! So why are gummy bears so great?

A: I have to say that gummies are great in general but worms outdo all the other possible animal shapes. It's the gumminess that makes them so good! When you chomp onto one end and tug at the other, ripping the worm in half is so satisfying because of that great elastic-y resistance. Oh, and the sour ones are the best. But I hate that they make your mouth-flesh feel raw when you eat too many.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lizzy Libs, or: Thin Lizzy are my favorite band.

///AND now for
The Mad Libs version of CGM///

I asked Lizzy for:

A city/location
A color
A famous person
A type of food
An adjective
Another color
A mode of transportation
A person you admire
Another type of food
Another adjective
Another location
Another color
Another mode of transport
A favorite activity
A time of the year/season/holiday...

And here is the story that follows based on our collective brain signals and vibratory transmissions.///

The city of Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. The falafels over there resemble A Mauvy Shade of Pinky Russet, the type of color that Sylvia Plath wrote about when she wasn’t entranced by Lollipops or the summer’s Crinkly air. Amber hallucinations are prevalent, and the Piggyback Ride that one can take along the many waterways and through various attractions and wonderments are best done on the back of Charmaine. Porridge is a difficult breakfast item to obtain, and once acquired, you are looking at a Lukewarm bowl for chow time. Under Mike’s Bed in the old port, there exists a Violet container, a Pirate Ship of yesteryear that contains all the jewels and secrets of the Hellenistic period, and yet still, Putting Pennies on Railroad Tracks in Autumn is the favored activity for fun lovers.

Lizzy is someone who makes me smile almost daily, and we’ve never even met.!!! Aaaaand, that's Charmaine on the right!!!^^

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tara James and her Fancy Frames!

Tara is an incredibly powerful bright light. When you see her in public, she is shining. She takes really nice photos and makes super artworks.


CGM: I have this vision of you being at a convenience store and it's getting robbed, and you just kinda tap the would be dude and say, "umm, hey, could you not rob this store?" with a smile and a laugh, and then the guy would put his gun down, start crying, and run out of the would you handle that situation irl?

TJ: In real life, I would cower behind the chips in terror.

CGM: If someone gave you a bunch of money, enough to go anywhere in the world on an extravagant vacation, but you had to be back in one week, where would you go? So, blingin' times...

TJ: Brazil! Rainforest, colours, dancing, latin music, beaches, textiles, smokin' hot Brazilians, exotic birds.


CGM: How has being a cute girl helped you irl or online? Does your cuteness ever fail you?

TJ: Online, I think it has helped me in promoting photography/art. People like to look at cute people and to see what cute people are up to. In real life, I don't really think much about how it has helped me...Maybe I think more about how my charming personality and wit helps me, ha.

Every so often cuteness fails when you run into one of those demanding middle-aged women that are ready to slaughter anyone and everyone in their path.

CGM: Those ladies are problematic for so many reasons!! Their negative energy is super awful and lacerating, yeah. So who would you say is your biggest influence on your supremely witty personality? Is it a bunch of cooler older ladies that you knew, or is it built in?

TJ: Haha, that was sarcasm! But the wit that I do have is built in I think. I don't know where it came from.

I was just reminded - speaking of of cooler older ladies, when I was in Laos, I saw this super cool older women - thick black glasses rims, colourful clothes, mad style. I tried to sneak photos of her. I hope that I'm as cool as she looks when I'm her age.

CGM: Lookin' up!! SWEET, thanks Tara...anything else?

TJ: My anything else is a book suggestion: A Confederate General from Big Sur by Richard Brautigan.

TJ is such a wicked nickname, right?