Monday, July 20, 2015


ÅLØHÅ—we're back with another CG! We found Kim Terrell on InstaGram and fell in love with her image selection process from the get-go.

CGM: Thanks for speaking with CGM, you're the first interview in five years! So your Instagram feed is easily one of the most exciting collection of images I've ever seen in one place, I look forward to each post eagerly. How do you have such great taste? Being a sapiosexual, I find your curative abilities to be quite enchanting. What makes having great taste so attractive to other people?

K: Was it Bertolt Brecht that said it's sometimes more important to be human, than to have good taste? If so, I will disagree with him! It's all relative, though, isn't it?

CGM: Absolutely, BB was living in a different time.

CGM: The name Terrell always makes me think of Tammi Terrell, which is great. How do you feel about her?

K: Tammi is my spirit animal. She had exceptional eye liner, too. (Terrell is my real surname!)

CGM: Decision time: let's say you wake up in a great mood and you want to accent that feeling with a book, film, and a song. In a bad mood, the three would be?

K: Good Mood: Let's mood is typically rather stoic and I can never pick one song, book or film in particular So, I will just throw a few I like out there... Song(s): Vic Godard and Subway Sect- Johnny Thunders, The Shangri La's- Remember (walking in the sand), Peter Jay- Paradise Garden, The Jesus and Mary Chain- On the wall (demo version), Isley Brothers- My love is your love, Rita- Erotica, The Glitter Band- Angel Face, Bonnie St Claire- I surrender, Soft Cell- Torch... I could on and on! That's the last mix I played in my flat. Film: Anything by Lindsay Anderson (which goes without saying), Rainer Werner Fassbinder (and that definitely goes without saying!), Polanski's greatest moments-Knife in the water, Cul de Sac, The Tenant, Repulsion... I also enjoy watching clips from Soul Train, American Bandstand, Shindig, Beat Club, etc. I realise those are not films but I enjoy watching them Books- I'll go with some light reading (insert dry humour)... Hunger- Knut Hamsun, The Mechanical Bride- Marshall Mc Luhan, The Haunted Screen- Lotte Eisner, anything by Jean Genet, JG Ballard, Octave Mirbeau, georges Bataille, and random biographies, Drug conspiracy theories, Sixties counterculture movement...My bookshelf tells many stories!

Do yourself a huge favour and follow kim.terrell on InstaGram!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Resurrection!•— OK, so we're back (clbt) and ready to say hi to our friends again! It's very exciting to be able to meet and converse with such wonderful spirits, I'm waaaaay too lucky, but hey, I'm here to document the experiences of my ladyfriends for you—the people! Welcome to my reality. WELCOME BACK!