Tuesday, December 7, 2010



CGM: So you're a cute girl and you're reading Michel Houellebecq right now, that's super rad about cute girls and books, or anyone and books. I dig his style, he's very male I would say, it's hard to imagine anyone other than all black leather wearing rock and roll stars reading his thing. Where else do you like to go in the literary world?

A: You're right about Houellebecq, he's sexist in a way that only a French writer can get away with. Some older French man told me that it was a good that a young woman like me was reading The Elementary Particles - he said it would help me understand men - ick! I also just read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthey, which I loved. At first I found it too gruesome but I think his style is really beautiful and, of course, totally original. Apparently he lives on a ranch in Texas and is really private. I've imagined him as this old rugged type, isolated in his home on the plains like a present-day Texan oracle. Of course this is all fantasy though, actually I think he was on Oprah so he clearly can't be that reclusive. Oh, and I also read the Brothers Karamazov this fall - one of those 'classics' that I felt obliged to read - but I liked it, plenty of angst. My mother just sent me two Margaret Laurence novels because she thinks that I should care more about Canadian literature, so I guess I should read those next.

CGM: What's good about being cute and having great style? Why is it so rare?

A: I would say that being cute is most useful when you get yourself into a tough situation and want someone else to fix it for you. This applies to a range of possible scenarios: wandering around a foreign city without a map and having to ask every other person for directions, missing your train and begging to be allowed onto the next one, losing your credit card and needing friends to buy you airplane tickets, dropping things, spilling tea, forgetting things, submitting forms late, losing other people's stuff - mostly when I've been caught in these and similar situations I've gotten out of them by smiling and pointing out that I have dimples. I'm not sure that it's rare to be cute but I think many people are wary of 'workin' their cuteness. I guess they're nervous that they won't be taken seriously or something.

CGM: Yeah, you gotta work it!! There are lots of cute girls out there, that's why I started a blog!!! Some just gotta realize that they are...pretty much every girl can be cute, unless they wanna be "hot," in which case, less interested. Being real is what it's all about, if you're real and you're cute, that's fine with me!! So why are gummy bears so great?

A: I have to say that gummies are great in general but worms outdo all the other possible animal shapes. It's the gumminess that makes them so good! When you chomp onto one end and tug at the other, ripping the worm in half is so satisfying because of that great elastic-y resistance. Oh, and the sour ones are the best. But I hate that they make your mouth-flesh feel raw when you eat too many.