Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tara James and her Fancy Frames!

Tara is an incredibly powerful bright light. When you see her in public, she is shining. She takes really nice photos and makes super artworks.


CGM: I have this vision of you being at a convenience store and it's getting robbed, and you just kinda tap the would be dude and say, "umm, hey, could you not rob this store?" with a smile and a laugh, and then the guy would put his gun down, start crying, and run out of the would you handle that situation irl?

TJ: In real life, I would cower behind the chips in terror.

CGM: If someone gave you a bunch of money, enough to go anywhere in the world on an extravagant vacation, but you had to be back in one week, where would you go? So, blingin' times...

TJ: Brazil! Rainforest, colours, dancing, latin music, beaches, textiles, smokin' hot Brazilians, exotic birds.


CGM: How has being a cute girl helped you irl or online? Does your cuteness ever fail you?

TJ: Online, I think it has helped me in promoting photography/art. People like to look at cute people and to see what cute people are up to. In real life, I don't really think much about how it has helped me...Maybe I think more about how my charming personality and wit helps me, ha.

Every so often cuteness fails when you run into one of those demanding middle-aged women that are ready to slaughter anyone and everyone in their path.

CGM: Those ladies are problematic for so many reasons!! Their negative energy is super awful and lacerating, yeah. So who would you say is your biggest influence on your supremely witty personality? Is it a bunch of cooler older ladies that you knew, or is it built in?

TJ: Haha, that was sarcasm! But the wit that I do have is built in I think. I don't know where it came from.

I was just reminded - speaking of of cooler older ladies, when I was in Laos, I saw this super cool older women - thick black glasses rims, colourful clothes, mad style. I tried to sneak photos of her. I hope that I'm as cool as she looks when I'm her age.

CGM: Lookin' up!! SWEET, thanks Tara...anything else?

TJ: My anything else is a book suggestion: A Confederate General from Big Sur by Richard Brautigan.

TJ is such a wicked nickname, right?

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